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Co-Chairs Note Reflection Note by the Co-Chairs ahead of the Tenth Meeting of the Board of the Green Climate Fund Informal Note B.10-01
Notification Logistics Note - 10th Meeting of the Board Logistics Note
Meeting Report Report of the Tenth Meeting of the Board, 6-9 July 2015 GCF/B.10/18
Decision Decisions of the Board - Tenth Meeting of the Board, 6-9 July 2015 GCF/B.10/17
Agenda Agenda GCF/B.10/01/Rev.01
Action Item Date and Venue of the Eleventh Meeting of the Board GCF/B.10/02
Action Item Consideration of Accreditation Proposals GCF/B.10/03
Action Item Applying Scale in the Assessment of Funding Proposals GCF/B.10/04
Action Item Additional Modalities that Further Enhance Direct Access: Terms of Reference for a Pilot Phase GCF/B.10/05
Action Item Level of Concessional Terms for the Public Sector GCF/B.10/06
Action Item Initial Risk Management Framework: Methodology to Determine and Define the Fund’s Risk Appetite GCF/B.10/07
Action Item Selection Process and Terms of Reference of the Heads of the Accountability Units: Recommendations of the Appointment Committee GCF/B.10/09
Action Item Methodology for Decisions Taken in between Meetings GCF/B.10/10
Action Item Decision-making Procedures for the Board in the Absence of Consensus GCF/B.10/11
Action Item Template for the Bilateral Agreement on Privileges and Immunities GCF/B.10/12
Action Item Policies on Ethics and Conflicts of Interest GCF/B.10/13
Action Item Policies on Ethics and Conflicts of Interest GCF/B.10/13/Rev.01
Action Item Further Consideration of the Initial Term of Board Membership GCF/B.10/14
Action Item Appointment of Experts of the Independent Technical Advisory Panel GCF/B.10/15
Information Annotations to the Provisional Agenda GCF/B.10/Inf.01
Information Report on Activities of the Co-Chairs GCF/B.10/Inf.02
Information Report on Activities of the Secretariat GCF/B.10/Inf.03
Information Report from Committees and Panels GCF/B.10/Inf.04
Information Report from Committees and Panels - Addendum GCF/B.10/Inf.04/Add.01
Information Report on the Implementation of Legal and Formal Arrangements with Accredited Entities GCF/B.10/Inf.05
Information Progress Report on the Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme GCF/B.10/Inf.06
Information Country Ownership GCF/B.10/Inf.07
Information Fourth Report of the Green Climate Fund to the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change GCF/B.10/08
Information Further Development of the Initial Proposal Approval Process GCF/B.10/Inf.08
Information Status of the Initial Resource Mobilization Process GCF/B.10/Inf.09
Information Brief Guideline on the Application of the Case-by-case Provisions in the Financial Terms and Conditions of the Fund’s Instruments GCF/B.10/Inf.10
Information Initial Monitoring and Accountability Framework for Accredited Entities (Progress Report) GCF/B.10/Inf.11
Information Recommendations for Further Accrediting National, Regional and Private Sector Entities (Progress Report) GCF/B.10/Inf.12
Information Recommendations from the Private Sector Advisory Group to the Board of the Green Climate Fund GCF/B.10/16

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