Simplified Approval Process

Overview of the SAP

The Simplified Approval Process (SAP) is an application process for projects or programmes that are expected to possess significant climate impact potential. SAP proposals are expected to be ready for scaling up and have the potential for transformation and promoting a paradigm shift to low-emission and climate-resilient development.

  • Do you have a project or programme that requires a GCF contribution of up to USD 25 million? 
  • Are the environmental and social risks and impacts minimal?

If so, your proposal could benefit from the Simplified Approval Process.

Accredited Entities, National Designated Authorities (NDAs) or Focal Points can submit concept notes under the SAP. In particular, we encourage Direct Access Entities to take advantage of this opportunity. We encourage partners to coordinate with NDAs and Accredited Entities in submitting concept notes, or to contact us for more information.

Simplified Process

SAP vastly simplifies the process and documentation required to bring innovative climate solutions from concept to impact. Here's how:

Simpler documents

Key documents have been simplified, and presented in a single, up-front list

Fewer pages

SAP features simpler documents with significantly fewer pages. The total length of funding proposals should not exceed 20 pages or 10,000 words.

Easier forms

SAP features simpler questions and clear guidelines for more concise responses for each section, avoiding the duplication of information

Projects approved under the Simplified Approval Process

Project preparation support

GCF recognises developing countries may face capacity constraints in developing funding proposals. That is why we provide financial and technical assistance support for the preparation of project and programme funding proposals through the Project Preparation Facility (PPF).

As is the case for all types GCF projects, Accredited Entities (AEs), particularly direct access entities, may seek PPF financial resources to prepare a SAP funding proposal, based on a high potential concept note. This includes preparation of pre-feasibility study, Environmental and Social Action Plan, stakeholder consultation, and any other appraisals and technical studies needed to prepare a funding proposal package.

AEs should note that the aim of the SAP is to enable simpler and faster access to GCF funding. Therefore, AEs may find that the same level of complexity of background studies and feasibility documents may not be required, compared to a standard funding proposal package. In particular, given SAP proposals are for projects with minimal or no environmental and social risks, in-depth safeguard studies are not required. Furthermore, a SAP proposal can build upon a recently implemented project that has already identified the appropriate technologies and solutions with positive climate change mitigation and/or adaptation results. In such cases, the AE can use the technical studies, evaluation reports and stakeholders’ consultations already performed during the implementation of these previous interventions to partially substitute the pre-feasibility study needed for the SAP funding proposal submission.