Other funding modalities


GCF has several funding modalities available to developing countries to help them access GCF resources.

Simplified Approval Process

Simplified Approval Process (SAP) is an application process for projects or programmes that have the potential for scaling up and being transformative in promoting a paradigm shift to low-emission and climate-resilient development.  Accredited Entities, National Designated Authorities (NDAs) or Focal Points can submit concept notes under the SAP.  Direct Access Entities (DAEs) are encouraged to apply.

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Project preparation support

Recognising developing countries may face capacity constraints in developing funding proposals, GCF provides financial and technical assistance through the Project Preparation Facility (PPF).  PPF is especially designed to support Direct Access Entities for projects in the micro and small-sized category. However, all Accredited Entities are eligible to apply.

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Requests for Proposals

As some areas with large potential do not receive adequate climate financing, GCF seeks to help fill the gaps through Requests for Proposals (RfP) and pilot programmes focused on specific themes. National Designated Authorities (NDAs), Accredited Entities (AE) and their partners are encouraged to submit concept notes and funding proposals in any of the active RFPs within the indicated time period.  As each RFP is different, interested parties should contact the GCF Secretariat for further details.

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Project-specific Assessment Approach

The Project-specific Assessment Approach (PSAA) Pilot is one of two approaches to GCF accreditation. PSAA aims to streamline and broaden access to climate finance by working with new partners, countries, and technologies that have been underserved by the existing GCF Accredited Entity network.  PSAA is a capacity assessment of an entity to meet GCF accreditation standards to implement one project or programme that is aligned with developing countries’ priorities and GCF’s strategic objectives.

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