The Green Climate Fund is headquartered in Songdo, Incheon City, Republic of Korea, where it opened its doors in December 2013. The GCF Board selected Songdo as the host city following an open bid process that saw six countries submit host country proposals. The Headquarters Agreement between the Republic of Korea and GCF was signed in June 2013 and entered into force in August 2013.

Songdo is a planned city, built on reclaimed land and part of the Incheon Free Economic Zone. It is located some 65 km southwest of Seoul and lies within close proximity to Incheon International Airport (ICN). The offices of GCF are located in G-Tower, an eco-friendly building that is also home to several United Nations agencies.

GCF is proud to be located within the Incheon Free Economic Zone, a twenty-first century business city which has been built from scratch since 2003, and is developing into an innovative and high-tech business hub for Northeast Asia. The city hosts over 75 multinational companies and twelve international organisations including the World Bank and the Green Climate Fund. It provides a gateway to Seoul, with its population of 23 million, and has close proximity to major cities in China including Beijing and Shanghai, serviced by Incheon International Airport.