Results-based management


GCF uses a results-based management (RBM) approach to continuously monitor the performance of its projects/programmes and portfolio. RBM is a management strategy that uses monitoring data and evaluations to assess and improve performance and the achievement of desired results. This approach supports the GCF’s need to assess whether its projects/programmes are on or off track to deliver expected results and to understand why results are (or are not) occurring and, in turn, how the design and performance of current and future projects/programmes can be strengthened.

All GCF Board decisions and policies on results, monitoring and evaluation can be found in the GCF policies webpage, with this page providing further guidance on all operational matters. 

The initial results management framework (RMF) and mitigation and adaptation performance measurement frameworks (PMFs) were the tools the GCF applied to monitor, assess and analyse the results for its projects/programmes approved up to the thirty-first meeting of the GCF Board (March 2022).

Taking the lessons from implementation of the RMF and PMFs, integrated results management framework (IRMF) – GCF’s revised and updated results framework integrates the RMF/PMFs and ensures better alignment with other GCF policies and tools including the Investment Framework (IF). The IRMF was approved at the twenty-ninth meeting (B.29) of the GCF Board (decision B.29/01) to replace the RMF/PMFs and will apply to:

  • Projects/programmes submitted to the Board beginning with and going forward from the thirty-second meeting of the Board (B.32); and
  • All existing funding proposals in the pipeline, including resubmissions for Board consideration at or after B.32.

IRMF for projects starting at B.32

Adopted by the GCF Board at its 29th meeting (decision B.29/01), the integrated results management framework (IRMF) establishes a well-structured results architecture through which the performance, progress, and results of individual GCF projects/programmes – and the whole GCF portfolio – can be assessed, understood, and strengthened.

The IRMF also provides clear definitions and measurement methodologies for GCF’s priority indicators and monitoring and assessment processes, thereby ensuring that GCF projects/programmes apply the same approach and generate consistent, robust data that can be aggregated and compared across the entire GCF portfolio. Crucially, all these measures will allow the GCF to track the Fund’s contributions to the goals put forward by the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement.

The following documents, templates and multimedia resources provide in-depth information and guidance on the IRMF application for GCF stakeholders.


Draft results handbook

19 May 2022

Targeting accredited entities and executing entities as its primary audiences, the GCF’s results handbook aims to provide practical guidance on how to apply the IRMF for GCF-funded projects/programmes through funding proposal development, planning, monitoring, and reporting activities, as well as interim and final evaluations. The handbook defines each IRMF indicator and its measurement approaches with tools and reporting formats where applicable.

GCF IRMF webinar series for AEs: revised FP template and GCF support to DAEs for IRMF implementation

25 Jan 2022

The Integrated Results Management Framework (IRMF) webinar series for Accredited Entities (AEs) intends to disseminate information about the updated version of the funding proposal template which reflects the requirements of the newly adopted IRMF (B.29/01), as well as about the new GCF funding support to Direct Access Entities (DAEs) for IRMF implementation.   The series of webinars will consist of two parts, the first part focusing on the updated Funding Proposal (FP) template and the second part on the new funding window for DAEs.

Introductory Webinar on the draft GCF Results Handbook

02 Mar 2022

As per the Board decision on the Integrated Results Management Framework (IRMF), the Secretariat is launching a consultation on the draft Results Handbook to gather comments and feedback on the draft from National Designated Authorities and focal points. The Results Handbook aims to provide practical guidance on how to apply the IRMF for GCF-funded projects/programmes through funding proposal development, planning, monitoring, and reporting activities, as well as interim and final evaluations.

Readiness support to DAEs for IRMF implementation

As per the Board decision B.29/01, the Secretariat developed a guidance note and templates for a new funding window dedicated to Direct Access Entities (DAEs) for their implementation of GCF’s integrated results management framework (IRMF). Accredited DAEs are encouraged to refer to the guidance note and use these templates in submitting proposals to access this new funding.

Initial RMF/PMFs for projects approved before/at B.31

Adopted by the GCF Board through decisions B.07/04 and B.08/07, the initial results management framework (RMF) and mitigation and adaptation performance measurement frameworks (PMFs) established the basis of GCF’s mitigation and adaptation logic models and eight result areas of the Fund consisting of four relating to mitigation and four relating to adaptation. All GCF projects/programmes approved up to the thirty-first meeting of the GCF Board (B.31) are being implemented or will be implemented under the umbrella of the initial RMF/PMFs.

The following documents and templates provide information on the application of the initial RMF/PMFs for GCF-funded projects/programmes approved before or at B.31.

The practical guidance on how to apply PMFs indicators is available in Annex IV of the Programming Manual.


GCF Programming Manual: An introduction to the Green Climate Fund project cycle and project development tools for full-size projects

06 Jul 2020

The GCF Programming Manual provides an overview of the GCF project/programme approval process.

Performance measurement framework for REDD+

The Performance Measurement Framework for REDD+ Results-based Payment was adopted by the GCF Board at its eighth meeting (B.08). It provides a results framework for projects/programmes funded under the REDD-plus results-based payments pilot in line with the Warsaw Framework for REDD+ and other REDD+ decisions under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The pilot programmes runs from 2017 - 2022.

Readiness Results Management Framework

The GCF Readiness Results Management Framework (RRMF) is a tool for measuring the results of the GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme (RPSP) and was approved by the GCF Executive Director in February 2022. The RRMF is aligned with the Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme Strategy 2019-2021 approved by the GCF Board at the twenty-second meeting of the Board (Decision B.22/11).

The RRMF has been developed through the comprehensive analysis of the RPSP portfolio and provides structured impact, outcome, and output level indicators. The RRMF will support Readiness Delivery Partners (DPs) and Nationally Designated Authorities (NDA) to plan, monitor, and report on results from approved Readiness and Preparatory Support (RPS) proposals and allow the Fund to aggregate and compare the results across the RPSP portfolio. This shall help the Fund and the DPs/NDAs to assess the implementation performance, and feed lessons from implementation into the RPSP.    

Accordingly, the RRMF is integral to the design of all new RPSP proposals, and to the monitoring of results from the implementation of approved RPSP proposals.

To support the monitoring of results from approved RPSP proposals under implementation, the GCF has fitted all RPS proposals approved from 2015 to 31 December 2022 to the RRMF and selected the relevant indicators in the online based reporting template on GCF’s Portfolio Performance Management System for Readiness (PPMS-Readiness) which was launched in January 2023 (watch the webinar).  Accordingly, DPs and NDAs shall report on the implementation of approved RPS proposals for the preselected RRMF output-level indicators in PPMS-Readiness.

The RRMF grant output-level Indicator Reference Sheet (IRS) lists the RRMF output indicators under each of the five RPSP objectives, along with indicator definitions and reporting instructions. The DPs and NDAs may refer to the RRMF grant output-level IRS when preparing progress and completion reports for submission in PPMS-Readiness.

The GCF shall provide further guidance, webinars, and trainings in 2023 to support its partners for RRMF-based reporting in PPMS-Readiness, and to incorporate the RRMF in designing new RPS proposals. The updated RPS proposal template will be made available on the GCF website in March 2023 along with clarification on the effectiveness date of the RRMF application for the future grants.

Please send any questions related to the RRMF to [email protected].


Readiness Result Management Framework: Results handbook

30 Nov 2023

The Readiness Result Management Framework (RRMF) is the primary tool to guide Readiness results-based interventions, and through which GCF tracks and measures the results of the Readiness Programme in a consistent and coherent manner. The purpose of the RRMF Results handbook is to provide targeted users, National Designated Authorities, Delivery Partners and the GCF Secretariat, with guidance on the application of GCF’s RRMF as well as to assist in undertaking their respective roles and responsibilities.

GCF webinar on the Readiness Results Management Framework (RRMF)

06 Jul 2022

Introductory webinar on the implementation of the Readiness Results Management Framework (RRMF) introduces for the first time the newly adopted RRMF which is planned to be used in all new GCF Readiness Proposals and for reporting against existing grants. The RRMF focuses on capturing and measuring results of the readiness support across the five Board-approved readiness objectives: 1. Capacity building; 2. Strategic framework; 3. NAP and NAP Process; 4. Pipeline development; and 5. Knowledge sharing and Learning.