B.08/07: Initial results management framework of the Fund

The Board, having considered GCF/B.08/07 Further Development of the Initial Results Management Framework,

Regarding agenda item 7 (a), (f) and (g):

  1. Adopts the proposed mitigation and adaptation performance measurement frameworks (PMFs) as outlined in Annex VIII, that decides on certain indicators as identified, and takes note of other indicators that require further refinement;
  2. Requests the Secretariat to further develop those indicators that need refinement for Board consideration;
  3. Takes note that the Secretariat will further develop methodologies for the indicators in consultation with the relevant experts and thematic bodies and will refine them as necessary based on experience gained and lessons learned over time;
  4. Takes note that the Secretariat will further develop the PMF’s gender-sensitive approach;
  5. Affirms that any national, economic, and sector-wide indicators will be used only at the discretion of the recipient countries;
  6. Takes note of the initial approach to the monitoring and evaluation policy contained in Annex IX;
  7. Reiterates that the Fund, as a continuous learning institution, will maintain the flexibility to refine its PMFs, including indicators;

Regarding agenda item 7 (c), (d) and (e):

  1. Takes note of the initial overview of the role and expected impact of the Fund’s initial results areas as contained in document GCF/B.08/07;
  2. Also notes the Board’s decision GCF/ B.04/04 that countries will identify their priority results areas in line with their national strategies and plans;
  3. Further notes the Board’s decision that the initial approvals process recognizes the importance of the Board approving programmes and projects that best meet the Fund’s objectives as contained in decision GCF/B.07/08 paragraph (b);
  4. Decides that the Board will aim to start taking decisions on programme and project proposals no later than its third meeting 2015;
  5. Requests the Secretariat to complete the analysis of the expected role and impact of the Fund’s initial results areas and present for consideration by the Board options for determining Board level investment portfolios across the structure of the Fund based on the resource level outcomes of the initial resource mobilization process; and
  6. Requests the impact analysis of the Fund’s initial results areas to focus on, inter alia:
    1. The identification of appropriate type of investment opportunities in the Fund’s results areas that can achieve paradigm shift towards low-emission and climate- resilient pathways; and
    2. What impacts the Fund can/will generate in (each of) the initial result areas that would advance the Green Climate Fund’s initial investment criteria and sub-criteria, and are not currently being adequately supported by existing finance channels.