GCF works with a wide range of partners in the national, regional and international levels.


The active engagement of diverse stakeholders is in the DNA of the Green Climate Fund. The GCF Board is mandated to grant Accredited Observers access to its meetings. To this end, four observers are able to participate in Board sessions — two representatives from accredited civil society organisations (CSOs), one each from developed and developing countries, and two from accredited private sector organisations (PSOs), also one each from developed and developing countries.

These observers, known as Active Observers in Board proceedings, are identified through a self-selection process. Representation is for a term of two years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms. Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of Active Observers.

Civil society organisations


Private sector organisations


International entities



Organisations seeking GCF observer status and to participate in the activities of the Fund are required to apply for observer status. The GCF Board announces calls for observer accreditation on a regular basis.

List of observers

CSO active observers

Ms Lidy Nacpil
Active Observer for CSOs - Developing countries constituency
Jubilee South-Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development
Ms Liane Schalatek
Active Observer for CSOs - Developed countries constituency
Heinrich Böll Foundation

PSO active observer

Mr Pablo Fernandez
Active Observer for PSOs - Developing countries constituency
International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)