Areas of work


Our work aims to support paradigm shifts in both climate mitigation and climate adaptation efforts. GCF aims for a 50:50 balance between mitigation and adaptation investments over time.

Result areas

GCF seeks to have an impact within eight mitigation and adaptation result areas. We are also committed to achieving a balance between funding for mitigation and adaptation initiatives.

GCF strives to ensure that our investments drive a paradigm shift towards low emissions and climate resilience. We consider both mitigation and adaptation as critical parts of the response to climate change, with all eight result areas holding important potential, and will strive to achieve a balance in its portfolio. Our goal is to seek the “sweet spots” between national priorities, potential to deliver concrete climate benefits, cost considerations, and opportunities to deliver co-benefits.

The eight result areas cover both mitigation and adaptation and provide the reference points that will guide GCF and its stakeholders to ensure a strategic approach when developing programmes and projects, while respecting the needs and priorities of individual countries. The result areas have been targeted because of their potential to deliver a substantial impact on mitigation and adaptation.