Early warning systems


People in Africa, South Asia, South and Central America, and the inhabitants of small island states are 15 times more likely to die from climate disasters. These disasters displace three times more people than war – and the situation is getting worse.

Early Warning Systems save lives and livelihoods. Between 3.3 and 3.6 billion people live in conditions highly susceptible to climate change. Half the world's countries are unprotected by multi-hazard early warning systems.

GCF's vision

The Green Climate Fund is committed to mobilise resources, forge partnerships and harness innovation to ensure that every person on Earth is protected by early warning systems within five years, supporting the UN Secretary-General’s Early Warnings for All Initiative, launched in 2022.

The Green Climate Fund has invested close to USD 933 million in early warning projects which includes 62 projects – 42 in Least Developed Countries and 35 in Small Island Developing States.