Areas of work


Despite being a young organisation, GCF's operations have quickly expanded to provide innovative solutions to the climate crisis in more than 100 countries, working with partners in the public and private sectors in efforts to mitigate the effects of the changing climate, and to help vulnerable people adapt to changes to the environment. Our operations span different countries, various modes of financing, a wide spectrum of strategic areas, and the different facets of mitigation and adaptation interventions.


GCF works directly with countries that are affected by climate change. We do this through a country's National Designated Authority (NDA) or Focal Point (FP), government agencies tasked to liaise with GCF in delivering climate solutions.

Themes & result areas

Our work aims to support paradigm shifts in both climate mitigation and climate adaptation efforts. Climate change mitigation interventions seek to reduce the release of greenhouse gas emissions, or to increase the capacity of carbon sinks. On the other hand, Adaptation needs as a result of climate change are also coming into sharp focus as impacts become more evident.

GCF aims for a 50:50 balance between mitigation and adaptation investments over time.

GCF also seeks to have an impact within eight mitigation and adaptation results areas. The eight results areas cover both mitigation and adaptation and provide the reference points that will guide GCF and its stakeholders to ensure a strategic approach when developing programmes and projects, while respecting the needs and priorities of individual countries. The results areas have been targeted because of their potential to deliver a substantial impact on mitigation and adaptation.


GCF seeks to engage across public and private sectors to unlock high impact and paradigm shifting climate investments. We offer a range of flexible financial instruments, enabling it to respond to specific investment contexts and market barriers.

In addition, one of the key features of GCF is its ability to partner with the business world to mobilise institutional investors at scale to fund climate action, and to encourage local private sectors in developing countries to deliver climate solutions.