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Transport contributes a significant share of global CO2 emissions, with trends predicting a twofold increase by 2030. Growth in emissions will accelerate with increasing demands for travel. Transport will have a distinct impact on future emissions, and there is an urgent need to encourage compact, connected urban forms linked by sustainable transit solutions, instead of sprawling, car-dominated and high-emission development. Motorisation trends vary substantially across and within regions: the use of private cars might grow fast in some countries, while others are dominated by two-wheelers. Some countries have introduced more sustainable transport systems such as Bus Rapid Transports (BRT), but there remains a need to scale up their reach, coverage and functionality.

Low carbon transport programmes account for a growing share of the mitigation finance provided through existing climate funds. The largest volumes of private investment in transport are observed in Latin America as well as South Asia and Eastern and Central Europe, suggesting that there may be opportunities in directing that investment towards lower emission and more resilient approaches. This also suggests that the Fund may be well served to find niche approaches to supporting mitigation through the transport sector. Countries are developing mitigation actions that target emissions from the sector, either from the adoption of new technologies and approaches, as well as from modal shifts and more sustainable approaches to transport and infrastructure planning.


Sectoral guide: Low emission transport

22 Aug 2022

The GCF sectoral guide seeks to provide an overview of country needs and evidence-based programming experiences in the Low emission transport sector. It aims to support proposal development for the GCF in line with its investment criteria during its first replenishment period 2020-2023. The objective of guide is to provide a set of ‘how to’ tools to National Designated Authorities and Accredited Entities to support the development of high quality and impactful funding proposals for consideration by the GCF Board.

SAP Technical Guidelines: Transport

17 May 2019

The publication provides technical guidance for the preparation of SAP proposals. Although there is no one standard definition of the transport sector, it can be described as including all kinds of transportation, such as road, rail and maritime transport, and aviation.


The following GCF projects aim to reduce emissions through increased access to low-emission transport, through supporting low- and zero-emission public and private transport systems.