Policies & strategies

Results, monitoring & evaluation

The Governing Instrument sets out that the programmes and projects, as well as other activities, funded by the Fund will be regularly monitored for impact, efficiency and effectiveness in line with rules and procedures established by the Board. Policies under this category establish GCF’s result areas, results management framework including the indicators used to gauge the impact of GCF investments, and GCF’s approach to monitoring and evaluation.

Policies and decisions

Results management framework
5 policies, 1 decision
Adopted by decision B.29/01; applicable from B.32 onwards. Establishes an updated results management framework that integrates and supersedes the initial results management framework and performance measurement frameworks, to allow the Fund to measure and report the impact of its investments.
Adopted by decision B.08/08 (a). Specifies indicators, reporting responsibilities and frequencies applicable to projects/programmes funded under the REDD-plus results-based payments pilot.
Adopted by decision B.05/03 (e). Sets out the initial areas of funding, in order to enable low‐emission and climate‐resilient development pathways.
Adopted by decision B.05/03 (f). Sets out indicators to show the physical/transformative impact of Fund activities.
Adopted by decision B.08/07; applicable to all projects up to B.31. Sets out the performance measurement framework to measure the results of the Fund and to serve as the basis for results-based payments.
Initial results management framework
Decision B.07/04; applicable to all projects up to B.31; sets out the logic model for the Initial RMF and the core indicators of performance for mitigation and adaptation projects/programmes.
Monitoring and evaluation
2 policies, 1 decision
Initial approach to the monitoring and evaluation policy
Decision B.08/07 takes note of the initial approach to the monitoring and evaluation policy of the Fund.
Adopted by decision B.11/10. Defines the responsibilities of AEs in relation to their institutional and project-by-project relationship with the GCF, including reporting, risk-based monitoring, remedial measures, re-accreditation. Adopts the monitoring and accountability framework for AEs, including monitoring of GCF funded activities.
Adopted by decision B.BM-2021/07. Sets out the evaluation policy to assess the results, performance, efficiency and effectiveness of the GCF in delivering its mandate.