B.08/08: Initial results management framework of the Fund

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.08/08/Rev.01 Initial Logic Model and Performance Measurement Framework for REDD+ Results-based Payments,

Regarding agenda item 7 (b):

  1. Adopts the initial logic model for REDD+ results-based payments and the performance measurement framework (PMF) for REDD+ results-based payments, as presented in Annex X and Annex XI, respectively;
  2. Acknowledges that the initial logic model and PMF are prepared in accordance with the methodological guidance in the Warsaw Framework for REDD+ and in response to decision B.07/04, paragraph (k);
  3. Notes that:
    1. This model shows the way in which results-based payments for REDD+ contribute to the achievement of the Fund’s overall mitigation objectives at the levels of the paradigm shift and impacts; and
    2. The Warsaw Framework specifies that results are to be expressed in tCO2e (UNFCCC decisions 9-15/CP.19) and this initial logic model is therefore designed in line with this definition of results;
  4. Further notes that methodologies for the indicators in the PMF will be aligned with methodological guidance provided by the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change;
  5. Also notes that the operationalization of REDD+ results-based payments needs to be considered in the context of the Fund’s investment framework and in line with its allocation policy; and
  6. Notes that this initial logic model and PMF may be updated as decided by the Board.