B.10/10: Country ownership

The Board, having reviewed document GCF/B.10/Inf.07 Country Ownership, reaffirming that the Green Climate Fund (the Fund) will pursue a country driven approach:

  1. Takes note of the document;
  2. Recognizes the importance of enhancing country ownership, country drivenness and the role that national designated authorities (NDAs)/focal points(FPs) can play in this regard;
  3. Affirms that all efforts should be undertaken to:
    1. Strengthen the key role of NDAs/FPs in the formulation of country programme/project pipelines, the consideration of implementation partners, and financial planning, and enhance capacity, including through the programme on readiness and preparatory support;
    2. Also strengthen the role of NDAs/FPs in monitoring and providing feedback regarding the impact of Fund operations within countries in terms of the degree to which the Fund’s initiatives add value to national development priorities, building institutional capacity, and promoting a paradigm shift towards low carbon and climate resilient development; and
    3. Promote a central and leading role of NDAs/FPs in the coordination of the Fund’s engagements within countries while highlighting the importance of the differentiation of roles between the Secretariat, accredited entities and NDAs/FPs in relation to country programming;
  4. Requests the Secretariat to prepare a proposal of guidelines and drawing upon learning experiences and best practices across NDAs/FPs in order to address the aspects outlined in paragraph (c) above for consideration by the Board at its twelfth meeting;
  5. Recognizes that NDAs/FPs should facilitate country coordination and engagement with representatives of relevant stakeholders such as the private sector, academia and civil society organizations and women’s organizations, taking into account the best practice options adopted by the Board in decision B.08/10 and supported as needed by the Secretariat; and
  6. Reaffirms, in accordance with decision B.08/11, the readiness and preparatory support programme as a mechanism to enhance country ownership.