B.10/04: Additional modalities that further enhance direct access: Terms of reference for a pilot phase

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.10/05 Additional Modalities that Further Enhance Direct Access: Terms of Reference for a Pilot Phase:

  1. Approves the terms of reference for a pilot phase enhancing direct access to the Green Climate Fund (the Fund) as contained in Annex I to this document;
  2. Requests the Secretariat, under the guidance and oversight of the Accreditation Committee and in consultation with relevant stakeholders and the independent Technical Advisory Panel, to prepare and launch a request for proposal for countries, in accordance with Annex I hereto (Request for Proposal), through their national designated authorities or focal points and public media;
  3. Recalls that access to Fund resources will be through accredited entities. As such, nominated entities must be accredited by the Fund, in respect of the Fund’s fit-for-purpose approach, prior to the review by the Board of their pilot proposals;
  4. Requests the Secretariat to publish the pilot proposals on the Fund’s website at least 21 calendar days before the first day of the meeting at which they will be presented to the Board for approval;
  5. Also requests the Secretariat and the independent Technical Advisory Panel to undertake the assessment of pilot proposals received in response to a request for proposal from countries in accordance with the Fund’s initial proposal approval process,1 and the initial investment framework and to provide recommendations on pilots to be approved with the initial aim of providing up to US$ 200 million for at least 10 pilots, including at least four pilots to be implemented in small island developing States, the least developed countries and African States; and
  6. Further requests the Secretariat to report back to the Board on the progress made on this request for proposal at the twelfth meeting of the Board.