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Efforts to save the Amazon offer triple win: Improving human, environmental, and economic health and wellbeing

04 Jun 2020 / Joint measures that tackle climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic must place the livelihoods of people front and centre. This is especially true for the custodians of natural ecosystems, which are vital in winning the fight against climate change and ensuring a green recovery in developing countries. In Ecuador, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and its partners are supporting the government’s climate ambitions and, in the process, improving incomes, food security and resilience.

Forest conservation in the Amazon: Securing the future of people and the planet

22 Mar 2020 / In Ecuador, GCF is working with UNDP and the national government to provide people with technical and financial support to avoid forest clearing. GCF's climate finance is restoring vulnerable watersheds, and helping local people improve their farming practices to increase their incomes. By protecting nature, people also profit.

Achieving net zero deforestation in Ecuador

31 Jan 2020 / The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is helping Ecuador achieve its goal of net zero deforestation to protect the biodiverse ecosystem of the Amazon while improving the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and communities.

UNDP welcomes commitments of a coalition of non-state and state actors to reduce deforestation in Ecuador

17 Sep 2018 / Ecuador has been promoting efforts to reduce deforestation and conserve forests since 2009, with the implementation of the Socio Bosque Program, which consists of providing economic incentives to individuals and communities committed to forest conservation, it has demonstrated its political will to reduce deforestation and advance in its international commitments. It will be one of the first countries to access results-based payments through the Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) pilot program.

Forests: A cause of climate concern, and hope

14 Aug 2018 / You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

GCF begins first REDD+ transfer

04 Jul 2017 / GCF is transferring its first REDD+ disbursement to help Ecuador reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect its forests.