• Video type Project video
  • Video date 22 Mar 2020

Forest conservation in the Amazon: Securing the future of people and the planet

There is a marvellous machine regulating the Earth's climate which keeps its inhabitants alive. It is called nature, and it is one of GCF's most important climate action partners. GCF also ensures people are central in the equation of planetary wellbeing. That is why it is funding initiatives that help improve people's livelihoods – and thereby prevent the destruction of vital ecosystems sustaining our liveable planet.

This includes the Amazon. The world's largest rainforest is at the heart of efforts to halt climate change. We cannot afford to lose it as the Amazon acts as a vast sink keeping carbon dioxide in the ground. In Ecuador, GCF is working with UNDP and the national government to provide people with technical and financial support to avoid forest clearing. GCF's climate finance is restoring vulnerable watersheds, and helping local people improve their farming practices to increase their incomes. By protecting nature, people also profit.