The Amazon Bioeconomy Fund: Unlocking private capital by valuing bioeconomy products and services with climate mitigation and adaptation results in the Amazon

The Amazon Bioeconomy Fund: Unlocking private capital by valuing bioeconomy products and services with climate mitigation and adaptation results in the Amazon

Home to the world’s largest tropical forest, the Amazon is highly vulnerable to climate change.  The combination of increased temperatures and deforestation are creating adverse climate feedback loops.  Increasingly warmer and drier conditions will further result in forest degradation and loss of ecological functions, ultimately bringing the Amazon forests to the point of no return.  Known as the tipping point, there may come a time when the forests die and are replaced by dry savannah-like landscapes.  This would have grave consequences on biodiversity, agriculture, human health and livelihood, and would also affect the Amazon’s key role in absorbing and storing the world’s carbon.   

GCF's new Amazon Bioeconomy Fund in six Amazon countries will deliver sustainable solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change in the Amazon biome by prioritizing natural capital and delivering climate benefits. The USD 600 million programme will include an investment of USD 279 million from GCF, and will be implemented with the Inter-American Development Bank. It will encourage private investment in six key areas of the bioeconomy: sustainable agroforestry, native palm cultivation, non-timber natural forest products, growing native species timber, aquaculture, and community-led nature tourism.

Total project value


Tonnes of emissions avoided






Result areas

Project timeline


28 Sep 2020 - 375 days

Concept note received

28 Sep 2020

Funding proposal received

01 Apr 2021

Cleared by GCF Secretariat

16 Jul 2021


07 Oct 2021 - 228 days so far

Approved by GCF Board

07 Oct 2021

Cleared by iTAP

07 Oct 2021

Legal opinion on AE's Internal Approval

03 Feb 2022

Under implementation


One region

  • Latin America and the Caribbean

Six countries

One priority group

  • Small Island Developing States
  • Financing
    • Private sector
    • Public sector
  • Size
    • Micro
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large

GCF financing

LoanUSD 135,000,000
EquityUSD 6,500,000
GrantUSD 87,500,000
GrantUSD 20,000,000
GrantUSD 30,000,000
Total GCF Financing
USD 279,000,000


Co-FinancingIn-kindUSD 1,100,000
Co-FinancingLoanUSD 155,000,000
Co-FinancingGuaranteeUSD 145,000,000
Co-FinancingEquityUSD 4,000,000
Co-FinancingGrantUSD 14,000,000
Total Co-Financing
USD 319,100,000

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