GCF embodies equitable governance to respond to the global challenge of climate change, one that ensures consensus-based decisions between developed and developing countries.


Welcome to the third term of GCF Board (2019-2021)!

This page contains material for members and alternate members of the Board to assist them in their work with the Green Climate Fund (“GCF”).

The links below are to key documents, important policies and guidelines adopted by the Board, protocols to assist the Board in conducting its business, and manuals for tools used for Board support. Please click each header to expand its contents.


This section contains presentation files and other materials capturing the introductory contents to: (a) GCF and its Board; (b) GCF Secretariat and independent accountability units; (c) GCF state of play as of December 2018; and (d) GCF operations.

Introduction to GCF
GCF Organogram
GCF State of Play
GCF in Brief: About the Fund
GCF in Brief: The Replenishment Process
GCF in Brief: Support for Technology
GCF in Brief: Readiness
GCF in Brief: REDD+
GCF in Brief: Safeguards
GCF in Brief: Direct Access
GCF in Brief: Adaptation Planning

This section contains two backbone documents in conduct of GCF operations and Board, as well as the Co-Chairs proposal for the Workplan of the Board 2020 - 2023.

Key documents
Governing Instrument
Rules of Procedure
Workplan of the Board for 2020 - 2023: Co-Chairs proposal

This section contains Policies adopted by the Board relating to ethics and conflicts of interest, as well as on information disclosure. This section will be further popoulated in duce course.

Policies and guidelines
Policy on ethics and conflicts of interest for the Board of the Green Climate Fund
Policy on ethics and conflicts of interest for the Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund Secretariat
Policy on Ethics and Conflicts of Interest for Board-appointed officials
Information Disclosure Policy

This section contains suggested protocols to assist the Board in conducting its business with: (a) the Co-Chairs; and (b) the Secretariat.

Suggested process for the communication of the Board and their advisers with the Secretariat

This section contains manuals for tools (including IT solutions) for Board support.

Online Registration System Manual

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Governance Affairs.