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Senegal SEN



Amount requested for readiness 1953422
Amount approved for readiness 1463983.87
Amount disbursed for readiness 545521.87


all projects that include activities within the country

National Designated Authority (NDA) / Focal Point

for interaction with GCF

Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Ms. Madeleine Diouf Sarr
Head of Climate Change Division
Parc Forestier de Hann, B.P. 4055 Dakar, Senegal
Dakar, Senegal

GCF team

Kabishi Tshilumba
Regional Lead
Olade Balo Akakpo
Regional Officer

Direct Access Accredited Entities

established in the country or region. Countries can also partner with our international Accredited Entities

Readiness Activities

support to enhance country ownership and access to GCF

Delivery Partner
Readiness Area
FAO Strategic Frameworks 13 Mar 2019
PwC Entity Support 17 May 2017
CSE Entity Support 10 May 2017
CSE NDA Strengthening & Country Programming 08 Oct 2015

Concept Notes

this is our pipeline: draft proposals that may be submitted to GCF for Board consideration in future

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