Staple Crops Processing Zone (SCPZ): Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Value Chains

Staple Crops Processing Zone (SCPZ): Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Value Chains

In Guinea, Senegal and Togo, agriculture and forestry are the primary sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, accounting for over 80 per cent of total emissions. At the same time, these countries are also among those most severely affected by climate change. Rising temperatures and unpredictable seasonal weather patterns are jeopardising rain-fed agriculture, directly impacting the livelihoods of producers, retailers, and consumers dependent on the local farming industry.  

The SCPZ project is designed to combat this challenge by focusing on the agricultural sector in Guinea, Senegal and Togo. It aims to both reduce GHG emissions and enhance resilience by establishing Stable Crops Processing Zones. These zones will centralise agro-processing activities, promoting sustainable agricultural production through the implementation of eco-friendly water management techniques, biogas technologies, climate-resilient agriculture (CRA), and agroforestry systems. As a result, these zones are projected to curtail land degradation, boost overall soil fertility, and potentially lead to a remarkable 50 percent increase in yields, benefiting not only local farmers but also the surrounding communities. 

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26 Mar 2018 - 2040 days

Concept note received

26 Mar 2018

Funding proposal received

10 Jan 2019

Cleared by GCF Secretariat

05 Apr 2021

Cleared by iTAP

02 Oct 2023


25 Oct 2023 - 236 days so far

Approved by GCF Board

25 Oct 2023

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  • Africa

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  • Least Developed Countries
  • African States
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LoanUSD 26,999,831
GrantUSD 75,791,156
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USD 102,790,988


Co-FinancingLoanUSD 85,220,266
Co-FinancingGrantUSD 10,542,371
Co-FinancingGrantUSD 5,000,000
Co-FinancingLoanUSD 17,600,000
Co-FinancingLoanUSD 31,063,890
Co-FinancingGrantUSD 19,486,009
Total Co-Financing
USD 168,912,536

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