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GCF Adaptation Rationale Workshop
14–17 November 2018, Cebu, Philippines

The first GCF Adaptation Rationale workshop took place in Cebu, Philippines on 14-17 November 2018. The workshop accelerated and strengthened support for GCF Direct Access Entities (DAEs) and countries preparing adaptation project pipeline based on key elements of climate rationale, building from adaptation planning processes and other support. The workshop sought to:

  • Strengthen capacity of DAEs and NDAs for preparing GCF project pipelines that effectively articulate key elements of climate rationale, by sharing methodologies and in-country experiences;
  • Support countries in ensuring strong implementation of their approved adaptation planning proposals through the GCF Readiness Programme to catalyse action and finance, by drawing on learning from a combination of international specialists and early country movers; and
  • Define recommendations based on in-country experiences to strengthen GCF guidance on its adaptation approach and support for adaptation planning processes, by sharing experiences among countries and DAEs.

The Workshop included substantive sessions on adaptation planning, climate information, financing instruments and private sector engagement, and project design. Country- and entity-specific support was also be provided along with an illustration of the available GCF resources for project idea development.

In total, the four day workshop provided unique opportunities for all GCF partners to translate climate plans into concrete adaptation projects and programmes, explore potential partnerships for implementation, and drive country-owned climate resilient development.

Meeting Documentation

Meeting documentation Meeting documentation

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