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* The Funded Activity Agreement (FAA) is an agreement signed by GCF and the Accredited Entity that establishes how a project will be implemented. The FAA becomes effective once an AE meets certain conditions negotiated and agreed with GCF. Once the FAA is effective, the project is considered to be under implementation. The Accredited Entity can then request disbursal of funds from GCF to carry out the project activities.




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The Green Climate Fund convenes its Partners on a regular basis to help them map their priorities and engagement with the Fund. These dialogues bring together a wide range of country and regional stakeholders to increase their understanding of GCF operations.

What is GCF What is GCF

What is GCF?

Climate change is the defining challenge of our time. The human impact on our planet is unprecedented. Long-term changes in the earth’s climate system are significant. The Green Climate Fund was established with a mission to advance the goal of keeping the temperature increase on our home planet below 2 degrees Celsius. 

The Fund is a unique global initiative to respond to climate change by investing into low-emission and climate-resilient development. GCF was established by 194 governments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries, and to help adapt vulnerable societies to the unavoidable impacts of climate change. Given the urgency and seriousness of the challenge, the Fund is mandated to make an ambitious contribution to the united global response to climate change.