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GCF makes climate finance work for developing countries – empowering climate action for people on the frontlines of the climate crisis.


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Rising food prices, energy insecurity, recession, devastating floods – the world is facing multiple crises, and climate change exacerbates their impacts on people's lives. These global challenges that intersect with climate change require urgent climate action to mitigate the physical and socioeconomic effects of the climate crisis.

Since its first replenishment, GCF has rapidly moved to channel much-needed climate finance to developing countries – programming resources as soon as they are received from contributors. With USD   in GCF resources (USD   with co-financing) committed to climate projects in developing countries, GCF boasts a maturing portfolio with 82 per cent of projects already under implementation. Riding on its organisational progress, experience, and network of partners, GCF is poised to make a greater catalytic impact. A replenished GCF can support countries to take critical actions to tackle the climate crisis and help address other global challenges.

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UK pledges record $2 billion climate action funding for GCF at G20

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GCF-2 high-level pledging conference to be live streamed on Oct 5

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The Republic of Korea commits significant increase in support to GCF

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Investment case

Why invest in GCF now despite other global challenges?

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Advancing climate ambitions

GCF has a proven track record of delivering climate finance, working with governments and a growing network of over 200 organisations in the public and private sectors to raise the climate ambitions of developing countries.

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Driving transformational change

GCF increases developing country access to finance and supports their transition to a green, resilient path for a sustainable future. By de-risking investments, making blended finance work, and catalysing private sector capital, GCF unlocks innovative climate adaptation and mitigation solutions for large-scale deployment.

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Delivering impact beyond the climate fight

A replenished GCF is critical for global climate action. Climate change does not exist in a vacuum and by tackling the climate crisis, other intersecting global challenges can be addressed. As a maturing Fund that works to increase access to climate financing for developing countries , GCF is in the position to achieve more ambitious targets.

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GCF increases access to climate finance, so more resources for climate action reach those who need it most.

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A successful GCF replenishment is crucial to achieving the Paris Agreement and demonstrates global solidarity on climate action.

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