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Congo COG



Amount requested for readiness 966500
Amount approved for readiness 654543
Amount disbursed for readiness 648934

National Designated Authority (NDA) / Focal Point

for interaction with GCF

Ministry of Tourism and Environment
Mr Vidalie Jean Frédérique Andea
Head of Research
+242 2228 11 792
+242 06 660 92 02
Ministere du Tourisme et de l'Environnement (MTE), 11e Etage de la Tour Na bemba, Centre-ville
Brazzaville, 98 Congo

GCF team

Kabishi Tshilumba
Regional Lead
Olade Balo Akakpo
Regional Officer

Readiness Activities

support to enhance country ownership and access to GCF

Delivery Partner
Readiness Area
FAO Strategic Frameworks 23 Feb 2018

Concept Notes

this is our pipeline: draft proposals that may be submitted to GCF for Board consideration in future

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