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Bolivia (Plurinational State of) BOL

Latin America and the Caribbean


Amount requested for readiness 576367
Amount approved for readiness 338102
Amount disbursed for readiness 60000

National Designated Authority (NDA) / Focal Point

for interaction with GCF

Ministry of Development Planning
Mr José Manuel Canelas Jaime
Viceminister of Planning and Coordination, Ministry of Development Planning
+591 (2) 2189000 ext. 400
+591 2311 324
Ministry of Development Planning Av. Mariscal Santa Cruz No. 1690, La Paz, Bolivia
La Paz, Bolivia (Plurinational State of)

GCF team

Jessica Jacob
Country Dialogue Specialist

Readiness Activities

support to enhance country ownership and access to GCF

Delivery Partner
Readiness Area
Ministry of Development Planning NDA Strengthening and Country Programming 01 Oct 2015

Concept Notes

this is our pipeline: draft proposals that may be submitted to GCF for Board consideration in future

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