Inter-American Development Bank


  • Type International
  • Date of accreditation 09 Jul 2015

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is an international entity with several decades of experience in promoting poverty reduction, economic growth, private sector development and in fostering regional integration and trade in developing countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region. IDB has a successful track record in implementing projects and programmes in clean energy, health-care sectors, agricultural development and natural resources management. Last year, IDB committed nearly US$ 2.5 billion to climate change mitigation and adaptation actions. It has delivered projects and programmes, including the reduction of carbon emissions through low-carbon transport systems, climate-resilient agricultural development, integrated watershed modeling tools and early warning systems. Building on its existing experience, knowledge and strong presence in the region, IDB sought accreditation to GCF in order to catalyze the regional impact of its climate change mitigation and adaptation projects and programmes, paying particular attention to vulnerable communities. In addition, IDB seeks to strengthen the institutional capacities of national entities in the region to enable them to access climate finance directly.

Accreditation timeline

Accreditation term 1

30 Mar 2018 - 29 Mar 2023

Accreditation date

09 Jul 2015

AMA execution date

29 Aug 2017

AMA effectiveness

30 Mar 2018

Term end date

29 Mar 2023

Accreditation term 2

17 May 2024 - 16 May 2029

Re-accreditation date

14 Mar 2023

AMA execution date

16 Apr 2024

AMA effectiveness

17 May 2024

Term end date

16 May 2029

Entity details

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    • Micro
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    • Large
  • Environmental and social risk category
    • Category C
    • Category B
    • Category A
    • Intermediation 3
    • Intermediation 2
    • Intermediation 1
  • Fiduciary standards
    • Basic
    • Project management
    • Grant award
    • On-lending/blending:
    • Loan
    • Equity
    • Guarantee
    • Blending



Multiple countries

E-Mobility Program for Sustainable Cities in Latin America and the Caribbean


Multiple countries

The Amazon Bioeconomy Fund: Unlocking private capital by valuing bioeconomy products and services with climate mitigation and adaptation results in the Amazon



Promoting climate-resilient forest restoration and silviculture for the sustainability of water-related ecosystem services



Promoting risk mitigation instruments and finance for renewable energy and energy efficiency investments



Promoting private sector investments in energy efficiency in the industrial sector and in Paraguay


Multiple countries

Low Emissions and Climate Resilient Agriculture Risk Sharing Facility


Multiple countries

Sustainable Energy Facility for the Eastern Caribbean


El Salvador

Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) for private energy efficiency investments by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)


News + Stories

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18 Jan 2019 / GCF and IDB recently signed funding agreements which will enable GCF to channel climate finance to 4 projects in Latin America.

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15 Aug 2018 / You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Forests: A cause of climate concern, and hope

14 Aug 2018 / You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

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09 Mar 2018 / The importance of the private sector was a common theme among many of the participants at the recently-concluded GCF Structured Dialogue in Latin America.

GCF strengthens partnership with Inter-American Development Bank

06 Sep 2017 / GCF has broadened its inroads of climate finance into the Latin America and Caribbean region after the signing of a key agreement with IDB.