Policies & strategies


The Governing Instrument sets out that the GCF will adopt best practice environmental and social safeguards to be applied to all programmes and projects financed using the resources of the Fund and that it will encourage the involvement of relevant stakeholders, including vulnerable groups and addressing gender aspects across its operational modalities.  

GCF’s sustainability policies articulate how GCF incorporates gender, environmental, social and indigenous peoples’ considerations into its decision making and operations to effectively manage related risks and enhance the impact of its investments.

Policies and decisions

Environmental and social policy
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Adopted by decision B.BM-2021/18; applicable to all projects from B.32 onwards. Revises the environmental and social policy to reaffirm the Fund's commitment to addressing Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Abuse, and Sexual Harassment in addition to environmental and social considerations in its funded activities.
Adopted by decision B.19/10; applicable to all projects up to B.32. Adopts the environmental and social management system and incorporates the environmental social policy, environmental social safeguards as part of the overarching environmental and social management system; adopts the environmental social policy that articulates how the GCF will integrate environmental and social considerations into its decision-making.
Adopted by decision B.07/02 (c). Adopts the interim environmental and social safeguards to identify, measure, and mitigate environmental and social risks based on IFC standards; will remain in effect until the Fund develops its own standards.
Indigenous peoples policy
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Adopted by decision B.19/11. Sets out the approach to incorporating the circumstances of indigenous peoples into decision-making while working towards climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Gender policy
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Adopted by decision B.24/12. Sets out the updated gender policy and gender action plan across its investment criteria, and as an integrated measure of the social dividends of the overall portfolio.
Adopted by decision B.24/12. The purpose of the gender action plan is to provide a time-bound framework within which to operationalize the gender policy.
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GCF gender policy and action plan
Adopted by decision B.09/11; superseded by decision B.24/12. Set out the gender policy and action plan which includes key definitions, rationales, and objectives.