Gender action plan

The purpose of the Gender Action Plan is to provide a time-bound framework within which to operationalize the Gender Policy. Implementation of the Gender Action Plan will require GCF to ensure that AEs have established competencies, tools and processes to achieve results. It also provides the Board with the information required to exercise its oversight responsibility for the Gender Policy and Gender Action Plan, as mandated by the Governing Instrument for the GCF.

The duration of the Gender Action Plan of the GCF 2020–2023 (hereinafter “Gender Action Plan”) is three years.

This document captures the policy as adopted by the Board in decision B.24/12. The policy was sent to the Board for consideration at B.24 in document GCF/B.24/15 titled “Updated Gender Policy and Gender Action Plan 2020–2023”.

All decisions and documents adopted at B.24 can be found in document GCF/B.24/17 titled “Decisions of the Board – twenty-fourth meeting of the Board, 12 – 14 November 2019”.

Cover date 14 November 2019
Document type Policies, strategies, and guidelines