B.07/02: Guiding framework and procedures for accrediting national, regional and international implementing entities and intermediaries, including the Fund’s fiduciary principles and standards and environmental and social safeguards

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.07/02 Guiding Framework and Procedures for Accrediting National, Regional and International Implementing Entities and Intermediaries, Including the Fund’s Fiduciary Principles and Standards and Environmental and Social Safeguards:

  1. Decides to adopt the initial guiding framework for the Fund’s accreditation process as contained in Annex I to this document, recognizing that it also applies to private sector entities;
  2. Also decides to adopt the initial fiduciary principles and standards contained in Annex II to this document, and will conduct a review of these standards within three years;
  3. Further decides to adopt, on an interim basis, the Performance Standards of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), as contained in Annex III to this document, noting that their use and implementation will be guided by the IFC Guidance Notes;2
  4. Decides to aim to complete the process of developing the Fund’s own environmental and social safeguards (ESS), which will build on evolving best practices, within a period of three years after the Fund becomes operational, and with inclusive multi-stakeholder participation;
  5. Establishes an Accreditation Committee comprised of four Board members or alternates in accordance with the terms of reference contained in Annex IV;
  6. Invites the Board members in the team established in decision B.05/08, paragraphs (d) and (e), to serve as the Fund’s Accreditation Committee for its first term, with [Name of Board member or alternate] as Chair and [Name of Board member or alternate] as Vice-Chair;
  7. Establishes the Fund’s Accreditation Panel as an independent technical panel to advise the Board on matters related to the accreditation of implementing entities (IEs) and intermediaries to the Fund. The Panel will be comprised of six expert members with balanced representation between developing and developed countries and the appropriate range of expertise, to be nominated by the Accreditation Committee for endorsement by the Board soon thereafter. This Panel will be in charge of conducting the accreditation process in accordance with its terms of reference;
  8. Adopts the terms of reference for the Fund’s Accreditation Committee and Accreditation Panel contained in Annex IV and Annex V to this document, respectively;
  9. Requests the Secretariat to develop, in consultation with the Accreditation Committee hereby established, a policy on accreditation fees that takes into account the financial capacities of institutions;
  10. Agrees on a fit-for-purpose accreditation approach that matches the nature, scale and risks of proposed activities to the application of the initial fiduciary standards and interim ESS;
  11. Requests the Secretariat to elaborate, under the guidance of the Accreditation Committee and Panel, the following elements for decision by the Board at its third meeting in 2014:
    1. Guidelines for the operationalization of the fit-for-purpose accreditation approach referred to in paragraph (j) above; and
    2. A work programme on complementarity and coherence with the accreditation systems and processes of other relevant funds, as well as relevant private sector associations, in consultation with the Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG) and relevant stakeholders;
  12. Requests the Accreditation Panel, with the support of the Secretariat, under the guidance of the Accreditation Committee, to elaborate the following elements for decision by the Board at its third meeting in 2014:
    1. An assessment, including a gap analysis, of institutions accredited by other relevant funds and in line with the Fund’s objectives against the interim ESS and initial fiduciary standards with recommendations on their potential accreditation or fast-tracking; and
    2. The identification of potential relevant private sector international best practice fiduciary principles or standards and ESS, and an assessment of gaps against the Fund’s initial fiduciary standards and interim ESS, in collaboration with the PSAG and in consultation with relevant stakeholders;
  13. Also requests the Secretariat to issue a progress report by September on the items contained in paragraph (k) above;
  14. Further requests the Secretariat, in consultation with the Accreditation Committee and the Accreditation Panel as needed, to develop an environmental and social management system for the Fund, based on the outline contained in Annex VI, which will include guidelines on the categorization of projects by IEs and intermediaries according to the level of environmental and social risk and in accordance with the Fund’s interim ESS;
  15. Requests the Accreditation Panel, in collaboration with the Accreditation Committee and the Secretariat, to report annually to the Board on the status of applications for accreditation, identifying and analyzing barriers faced by applicants in meeting the requirements;
  16. Recalling decision B.05/14, paragraph (b), on providing readiness and preparatory support to enable IEs and intermediaries to meet the Fund’s fiduciary principles and standards, and ESS, in order to directly access the Fund, requests the Secretariat to consider the findings of the report referenced in paragraph (m) above in updating its readiness support programme accordingly, and to prepare tools and guidance materials to enable applicants to comply with the fit-for-purpose accreditation requirements and process;
  17. Requests the Secretariat to develop, under the guidance of the Accreditation Panel, additional specialized fiduciary standards that may be deemed necessary to effectively accommodate all institutional capacities required in IEs and intermediaries in the initial phase of operations of the Fund; and
  18. Decides to open a call for submissions of accreditation applications from IEs and intermediaries after the Board’s third meeting of 2014, and requests the Secretariat to prepare the relevant application documents for consideration by the Board at its third meeting in 2014.