Policies & strategies

Country ownership

The Governing Instrument sets out that the GCF will pursue and provide access to funding through a country-driven approach and that its operational modalities will be consistent with a country-driven approach.  

Country ownership policies set out the principles and processes through which GCF will seek to operationalize a country-driven approach. They elaborate guidance on the establishment of Nationally Designated Authorities (NDA) and focal points, the establishment of a no-objection procedure, the development of country programmes,  and the conduct of country coordination, in addition to setting out overall guidelines for country ownership intended to guide the GCF, developing countries and partners.  

Policies and decisions

Country ownership
4 policies, 2 decisions
Business model framework – Country ownership / National Designated Authorities
Decision B.04/05 affirms country ownership as a core principle of the Fund and sets out responsibilities of NDAs/focal points.
Country ownership
Decision B.10/10 sets out an approach to strengthen the role of NDA/focal points in establishing country ownership.
Adopted by decision B.08/10 (c). Sets out best practice guidelines for the establishment of NDAs/focal points.
Adopted by decision B.08/10 (d). Sets out best practice options for country coordination and multi-stakeholder engagement.
Adopted by decision B.08/11. Sets out initial general guidelines for country programmes.
Adopted by decision B.17/21. Sets out guidelines for enhanced country ownership and country drivenness, covering guiding principles, role of country programmes and structured dialogues, role of country ownership in the Fund's operating modalities, and evaluation.
No-objection procedure
1 policy
Adopted by decision B.08/10 (b). Establishes the national no-objection procedure to be conducted in the context of the consideration of Funding Proposals.
Matters related to guidance from the COP: reporting on Direct Access Entities
1 decision
Reporting on matters related to Direct Access Entities
Decision B.18/02 annex II sets out GCF’s reporting requirements in relation to DAEs.