B.04/05: Business model framework: Country ownership

The Board:

  1. Reaffirmed that country ownership and a country‐driven approach are core principles of the Fund;
  2. Noted convergence on the importance of readiness and preparatory support for country ownership practices;
  3. Further noted that countries may designate a national designated authority (NDA), in conformity with the Governing Instrument, or mandate a country focal point to interact with the Fund;
  4. Decided to consider, at its September 2013 meeting, countries’ transparent no‐objection procedure;
  5. Decided that the NDA or focal point will:
    1. recommend to the Board funding proposals in the context of national climate change strategies and plans, including through consultation processes;
    2. facilitate the communication of nominations of entities to the Fund;
    3. seek to ensure consistency of funding proposals from national, subnational, regional and international intermediaries and implementing entities with national plans and strategies;
    4. implement the no‐objection procedure; and
    5. act as the focal point for Fund communication;
  6. Further decided that countries should have flexibility in relation to the location, structure, operation and governance of NDAs or focal points;
  7. Requested the Secretariat to make all necessary steps to open a call to developing countries to start the processes of designating a NDA or focal point as early as possible, and preferably before June 2014;
  8. Requested the Interim Secretariat to reflect in the document on readiness and preparatory support, to be prepared for the September 2013 Board meeting, options to enhance country ownership, including possible support to, NDAs or focal points;
  9. Decided to consider, at its first meeting in 2014:
    1. Best practices for the establishment and composition of NDAs or focal points; and
    2. Best‐practice options for country coordination and multi‐stakeholder engagement, including in the context of the development of funding proposals.