More than a job – we're offering a chance for your career and passion to come together.


At GCF, we give you the opportunity to pursue rewarding and challenging work with skilled and supportive colleagues, learning and development opportunities, and offer competitive base salaries and a comprehensive benefits package that includes worldwide medical insurance, leave, retirement benefits and dependency allowances.


GCF combines a challenging career with a rewarding benefits package. Each staff member is given a base salary reflecting the key areas of responsibility, job characteristics and profile of the staff member. As per GCF's Headquarters Agreement, all staff salaries are exempt from tax in the Republic of Korea. International staff salaries are paid in US dollars and local staff salaries are paid in Korean Won.


GCF benefit programs are an integral part of the reward policy and strategy and are designed to meet the challenges of the growing global competition for talent. These programs are established to provide a framework of sufficiency for staff members and their dependents.

Health and other insurances

All Local and International Staff members, their eligible spouses (including domestic partners) and up to three children, are covered by a comprehensive worldwide health insurance program.

Retirement plan

GCF provides a retirement plan for all staff. GCF and Staff members contribute towards the plan.

Paid leave and holidays

All GCF staff receive 26 annual leave days, 15 sick leave days, 10 development leave days, and observe 10 public holidays each calendar year.

Dependency allowance

GCF provides dependency allowance for eligible spouses and up to three dependent children.

Assistance for contingent events

Medical evacuation services are provided to all staff, as well as assistance such as reimbursement of travel costs outside the duty station in the event of the death of a parent, parent-in-law, spouse or child.

Additional benefits for International Staff

In addition to those listed above, international staff may also be eligible for the following benefits provided they meet the eligibility criteria set by GCF:


Flight tickets are provided based on GCF's travel policy and assistance on visa issuance is available. All international staff joining from outside the duty station likewise receive travel and shipment allowances. Practical assistance for housing and other facilities are also provided.

Installation allowance

An installation allowance is given to international staff joining from outside Headquarters to meet the initial extraordinary costs of relocating to a new duty station.

Housing allowance

GCF provides an allowance to international staff to help meet their living costs.

Education assistance and education travel

GCF provides education assistance for up to three eligible dependent children of international staff. Should a child be enrolled in an institution outside the duty station, education travel assistance is provided to help reunite the family.

Home country travel and allowance

GCF provides an annual home country travel benefit to both staff and eligible dependents to visit their home countries.

Flexible work arrangements

Staff member may be authorised to work remotely up to a maximum of 100 working days per calendar year. Within the 100 working days per calendar year, the staff may be authorised to work remotely from outside of Korea for a maximum of 35 working days, and the remaining working days to work remotely within Korea.