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All staff vacancies and internship opportunities are listed regularly in the GCF Jobs Portal. If you have not applied with GCF via this system before, you will need to create an account first. Once registered, you can create a ‘Candidate Profile’ which holds the relevant information regarding your application. Once an account has been created, the “Apply” button in each job posting will take you through the step-by-step application process.

GCF hires from all nationalities worldwide. We value diversity and inclusion and do not discriminate based on nationality.


Once a vacancy has closed, GCF may use several stages of interviews (recorded, video and onsite), testing, and reference checks for the recruitment process. Typical total recruitment time ranges from two to four months. While not guaranteed, we try to provide feedback to applicants within two weeks of the vacancy deadline.

We assess your qualifications and compare these with the requirements of the position, with the goal of finding the most suitable candidate. The final hiring decision is reached by looking at all the available inputs: CV, letters, references, interview outcomes, and others.

GCF recruitment activities in the context of COVID-19

GCF recognises that the COVID-19 outbreak is serious and is taking measures to reduce the risk of infection whilst ensuring the continuity of its operations.

We are continuing our recruitment activities, but as part of these measures we are not holding any on-site interviews in the Republic of Korea at present. Virtual interviews continue to take place.

We have moved to allow many staff to work remotely and newly appointed staff, consultants, and interns will not be asked to report to our headquarters in Songdo at present.