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GCF consultations on REDD+ results-based payments

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REDD+ Calls for public input REDD+ Calls for public input

Calls for public input Calls for public input

At the fourteenth meeting, the GCF Board requested the Secretariat to develop a request for proposals (RFP) for REDD+ results-based payments (RBP), including guidance consistent with the Warsaw Framework for REDD+ and other REDD+ decisions under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The same Decision requested the Secretariat to implement a process for stakeholder and expert input to support its work. Under the guidance of two REDD+ Champions nominated by the Board, two calls for inputs have been issued to both the Board and the global REDD+ stakeholders. Inputs received are presented here.

Inputs from the Board

Inputs received
Date received
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Board-no.01 Spain 13 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Board-no.02 Belgium 20 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Board-no.03 New Zealand 22 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Board-no.04 Australia 20 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Board-no.05 Chile 21 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Board-no.06 Denmark 21 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Board-no.07 Finland Hungary Switzerland 21 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Board-no.08 Malaysia 21 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Board-no.09 South Africa 21 Mar 2017

Inputs from REDD+ stakeholders

Inputs received
Date received
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.01 MUT-CREDIT asbl 13 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.02 Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel 17 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.03 Ministry of Climate Change, Pakistan 19 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.04 UNDP Environmental Finance 19 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.05 Asia Pacific Rainforest Partnership Private Sector Roundtable 20 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.06 Climate Law and Policy 20 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.07 Global Forest Organization 20 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.08 Humana People to People - European Hub 20 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.09 Indufor 20 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.10 Private Sector Organizations 20 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.11 Tebtebba 20 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.12 Civil Society Organizations 21 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.13 Food and Agriculture Organization 21 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.14 Terra Global 21 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.15 Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Colombia 20 Mar 2017
Inputs-REDD-RBP-Public-no.16 Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. 21 Mar 2017