Implementation of the Lao PDR Emission Reductions Programme through improved governance and sustainable forest landscape management

Implementation of the Lao PDR Emission Reductions Programme through improved governance and sustainable forest landscape management

Improving forest and land-use management in order to implement REDD+ in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

As a landlocked Least Developed Country, Lao PDR is highly vulnerable to climate change. Its economy is dependent on natural resources, especially forestry, agriculture, electricity generation and mining. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries account for 16 percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs 64 percent of the Lao workforce. 

This project supports Lao PDR’s implementation of an ambitious REDD+- emission reductions programme after decades of losing tropical forest cover. It will strengthen an enabling environment for REDD+ by enhancing the availability of finance and strengthening the forestry sector’s legal and regulatory framework. It will also encourage deforestation-free agriculture and agroforestry by enhancing agricultural productivity.

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26 Jun 2018 - 507 days

Concept note received

26 Jun 2018

Funding proposal received

03 Mar 2019

Legal opinion on AE's Internal Approval

12 Jul 2019

Cleared by GCF Secretariat

22 Aug 2019

Cleared by iTAP

22 Oct 2019


14 Nov 2019 - 149 days so far

Approved by GCF Board

14 Nov 2019

FAA executed

23 Dec 2019

Under implementation


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  • Least Developed Countries
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Co-FinancingLoanUSD 13,620,156
Co-FinancingLoanUSD 8,503,818
Co-FinancingGrantUSD 5,244,701
Co-FinancingGrantUSD 1,272,623
Co-FinancingIn-kindUSD 7,332,362

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