Development of arganiculture orchards in degraded environment (DARED)

Development of arganiculture orchards in degraded environment (DARED)

  • Status Under implementation
  • Date approved 14 Oct 2016 at B.14
  • Est. completion 14 Jun 2022
  • ESS Category Category B

Supporting rural communities in the Argan Biosphere Reserve through the planting of argan orchards and the promotion of sustainable arganiculture to foster sustainable development, build resilience and support climate mitigation.

The argan forest of Morocco, covering 2.5 million hectares, is recognised by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve with a rich biodiversity. There has been a “market boom” in argan oil, and its rising demand has improved household income for local communities but generated serious pressure on the natural forest, threatening its sustainability. The forest is also threatened by the impact of climate change upon its regeneration.

Morocco committed within its INDC to reduce its Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emission by 32% by 2030 through mitigation activities. Morocco intends to plant 43,000 hectares of argan tree orchards and promote arganiculture as a priority activity to reduce GHG emissions. This project will strengthen the resilience of rural communities and the arganeraie biosphere reserve through planting 10,000 ha of argan tree orchards with soil conservation and rain water harvesting capabilities. Supporting argan plantations and arganiculture will also contribute to relieve the anthropic pressure on the natural forest, and improve livelihoods of the communities by moving from a model of fruit collection from natural forests towards sustainable forest co-management.

The project has an estimated lifespan of 5 years.

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Project timeline


29 Mar 2016 - 200 days

Concept note received

29 Mar 2016

Funding proposal received

16 Jun 2016

Cleared by GCF Secretariat

21 Jul 2016


14 Oct 2016 - 244 days

Approved by GCF Board

14 Oct 2016

Cleared by iTAP

14 Oct 2016

Legal opinion on AE's Internal Approval

06 Jan 2017

FAA executed

17 Mar 2017

Under implementation

14 Jun 2017 - 1,025 days so far

FAA effective

14 Jun 2017

Disbursement - USD 10,161,600

03 Nov 2017

Annual Performance Report

31 Jan 2019


14 Jun 2022 - 802 days to go

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  • African States
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GCF financing21% disbursed

GrantUSD 39,292,600


Co-FinancingGrantUSD 4,095,400
Co-FinancingGrantUSD 5,000,000
Co-FinancingGrantUSD 800,000

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Agency for Agricultural Development of Morocco

Hamid Felloun
Project Management Director
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Meryem Andaloussi
Project Manager
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Phone +212 5 37 57 38 13

National Designated Authority


Ministry of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development, Secretariat of State for Sustainable Development

Bouzekri Razi
Director of Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Green Economy

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