Letter of Request for Change of Approved Project Preparation Facility Application

Approved Project Preparation Facility (PPF) applications may encounter obstacles and delays during the implementation due to varying circumstances on the ground. These may include challenges that could affect the delivery of the targeted objectives, making it imperative to revise and amend the original application.
Accordingly, Accredited Entities may request for change of approved PPF applications by filling in and submitting these forms for GCF’s consideration. Please note that the application must be submitted at least 60 (sixty) days prior to the expiration of the PPF grant.
The following files can be downloaded:

  •  Letter of request for change of approved Project Preparation Facility application
  • Annex I: Request for change of approved PPF application
  • Annex II: Revised budget plan
  • Annex III: Revised implementation plan
Cover date 15 February 2021
Document type Operational document