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Building Resilient Communities, Wetland Ecosystems and Associated Catchments in Uganda


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Universal Green Energy Access Programme (UGEAP)

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Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
Mr. Keith Muhakanizi
Permanent Secretary / Secretary to the Treasury
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Mr. Andrew Masaba
Principal Economist / Climate Finance Desk Officer, Development Assistance and Regional Cooperation

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News + Stories

How can climate action balance the needs of nature and people?

21 Jan 2020 / Efforts to protect ecosystems must also take into account global development goals intended to lift people out of poverty. A difficult past has taught young Ugandan beekeeper Shildah Nabimanya the importance of protecting ecosystems.

Preserving wetlands in Uganda

30 Nov 2019 / Preserving wetlands is key to fighting climate change. In Uganda, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) works with UNDP, to empower communities to restore ecosystems while protecting their livelihoods.

Building climate resilience for Uganda's wetlands

08 Nov 2019 / GCF is working with UNDP to bolster Uganda's climate resilience by helping to keep its wetland ecosystems intact.

Using ecosystems to counter climate crisis only natural

08 Nov 2019 / Creating a virtuous circle, it is possible to enhance climate resilience by protecting ecosystems. But we cannot forget the place of people, especially those who are poor, in devising nature-based climate solutions. That is why the Green Climate Fund (GCF) is supporting climate action that balances land use and nature by protecting ecosystems in ways that also boost people’s livelihoods. One example is in Uganda.

Wetlands give life: Preserving Uganda's wetlands secures a brighter future for country and planet

02 Feb 2019 / Wetlands are an important natural buffer in mitigating, forestalling, and adapting to climate change. By absorbing and storing carbon, wetlands reduce floods, relieve droughts, minimise storm surges, and protect coastlines.

Forests: A cause of climate concern, and hope

14 Aug 2018 / You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Acumen and GCF sign agreement to implement its first approved project proposal, bringing household solar energy to East Africa

04 Aug 2016 / GCF and Acumen Fund today signed an agreement enabling the disbursement of funds to implement the first approved project proposal from Acumen, making it the first GCF project to move to this stage.