Ministry of Environment (formerly Ministry of Natural Resources of Rwanda)


  • Type Direct (National)
  • Date of accreditation 08 Jul 2015

The Ministry of National Resources of Rwanda (MINIRENA) is a national entity, specifically a public sector ministry, which is responsible for environment, climate change and natural resources management at the local and national levels. MINIRENA in partnership with national stakeholders, has a strategy in place to support national development goals, particularly in green growth, climate resilience, and the sustainable management and consumption of natural resources. The goal of MINIRENA is to provide solutions to the environmental and resource challenges faced, including the imbalance between population and natural resources that has serious impacts on sectors such as agriculture, energy, infrastructure, land, water resources and forestry, in achieving national long-term sustainable development. Currently, MINIRENA has a climate change project portfolio of approximately US$ 120 million, which includes activities such as reducing vulnerability to extreme climate and weather events through the implementation of relevant priority adaptation measures. Accreditation to the GCF is an opportunity for MINIRENA to continue to drive sustainable development and green growth as envisaged in its national strategies and to scale up its climate change projects and programmes. It is also a platform for it to support other developing countries in developing and implementing their national climate change strategies.

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  • Environmental and social risk category
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    • Intermediation 3
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  • Fiduciary standards
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    • Project management
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Strengthening Climate Resilience of Rural Communities in Northern Rwanda


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Mr. Patrick Karera
Permanent Secretary
Phone +250 789 414 092
Mr. William Mugabo
Green Economy Specialist
Phone +250 788 839 869