Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau


  • Type International
  • Date of accreditation 26 Mar 2015

The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) is an international organisation that works together with its partners in developing countries in order to identify projects/programmes which promote sustainable development. With a development mandate that receives funding from both public and private sector organisations, KfW’s activities largely focus on climate change adaptation and mitigation activities. These activities include improving water supply, securing food provision, increasing energy efficiency, employing renewable energies and others.  The climate finance activities of KfW include a range of financial instruments, including grants, loans, equity and guarantees. Building on its existing knowledge, experience and tools, KfW sought accreditation to the GCF in order to develop projects and programmes, including the targeted mobilisation of private finance through risk mitigation mechanisms, and the setting up of project development facilities and structured investment funds. KfW sought accreditation in order to expand and develop additional adaptation projects and programmes focused on ecosystem-based adaptation, natural hazard early warning systems, climate risk insurances as well as urban flood protection infrastructure. 

Accreditation timeline

Accreditation term 1

06 Nov 2017 - 05 Nov 2022

Accreditation date

26 Mar 2015

AMA execution date

15 Dec 2016

AMA effectiveness

06 Nov 2017

Term end date

05 Nov 2022

Entity details

  • Size
    • Micro
    • Small
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    • Large
  • Environmental and social risk category
    • Category C
    • Category B
    • Category A
    • Intermediation 3
    • Intermediation 2
    • Intermediation 1
  • Fiduciary standards
    • Basic
    • Project management
    • Grant award
    • On-lending/blending:
    • Loan
    • Equity
    • Guarantee
    • Blending



Multiple countries

Blue Action Fund (BAF): GCF Ecosystem Based Adaptation Programme in the Western Indian Ocean



Simiyu Climate Resilient Project



Climate Resilient Infrastructure Mainstreaming (CRIM)


News + Stories

GCF joins German development bank to make Tanzania more climate resilient

12 Dec 2018 / GCF signed a funding agreement with KfW today to make communities in northern Tanzania more resilient to water strains caused by climate change.

GCF to transfer $40 million to build climate resilience in Bangladesh

15 Nov 2017 / GCF has signed a funding agreement with KfW to help mainstream climate-resilient infrastructure in Bangladesh.