Policies & strategies

Project approval

The consideration and approval of funding proposals by the GCF is undertaken through a designated Project Approval Process. Policies under this category establish the key steps, requirements, responsibilities, and tasks in GCF’s project and programme cycle, from submission through to approval and implementation. They also include policies establishing a simplified approval process, outlining the processes for amending approved projects and programmes as well as elaborating the role of the independent Technical Advisory Panel in reviewing funding proposals.

Policies and decisions

Project approval cycle
1 policy, 1 decision
Adopted by decision B.17/09. Sets out the updated project and programme cycle; it outlines the key stages, individual steps, relevant actors, as well as the various responsibilities and tasks involved in the project and programme cycle; it also sets out the requirements the entities must meet prior to submitting its funding proposal to the Board. 
Applying scale in the assessment of funding proposals
Decision B.10/17 defines the size of proposals as micro, small, medium, or large.
Simplified Approval Process
2 policies
Adopted by decision B.32/05; applicable from B.32 onwards. Updates the Simplified Approval Process including the size and risk categories eligible under this funding window.
Adopted by decision B.18/06; superseded by decision B.32/05; applicable to all projects up to B.31. Adopts the simplified approval process to reduce time and effort needed in preparation, review, approval, and disbursement for proposals of certain activities.
Restructuring and cancellation
1 policy
Adopted by decision B.22/14. Sets out the mechanism for decision-making in respect of an approved funding proposal in situations of failure to fulfil conditions, extension of time, waiver of conditions, change to FPs.
Independent Technical Advisory Panel
1 policy
Adopted by decision B.28/03. Establishes an updated independent Technical Advisoy Panel review procedure.
1 policy
Initial proposal approval process of the GCF
Adopted by decision B.07/03; superseded by decision B.17/09 annex IV.