B.18/06: Policy matters related to the approval of funding proposals: Simplified approval process for certain small-scale activities

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.18/17 titled “Operationalizing the simplified approval process for certain activities, in particular small-scale activities”:

  1. Approves the Simplified Approval Process Pilot Scheme (Pilot Scheme), as set out in annex X;
  2. Decides that the Pilot Scheme shall be reviewed two years from its operationalization, or when the aggregate amount of approvals under the Pilot Scheme reaches USD 80 million of GCF financing, whichever is earlier; this review will be completed within three months from its commencement; and
  3. Requests the Secretariat to:
    1. Operationalize such Pilot Scheme as expeditiously as possible and notify to the Board the date of its operationalization;
    2. Develop a proposal for approving funding proposals brought forward under this Pilot Scheme between meetings of the Board in the context of the ongoing work to develop further options for decision-making; and
    3. Report back to the Board upon completion of the review specified in paragraph (b) above, with recommendations based on the outcome of such review to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process, and to consider expanding the type of eligible activities and increasing GCF funding.