B.32/05: Update of the simplified approval process

The Board, having considered document GCF/B.32/05 titled “Update of the simplified approval process”, and with reference to decision B.18/06, which mandated the review of the simplified approval process Pilot Scheme:

  1. Approves the update of the simplified approval process as set out in annex IV;
  2. Requests the Secretariat in close consultation with the independent Technical Advisory Panel and considering the rolling review procedure outlined in decision B.28/03, to simplify the process and reduce the information required for the review of the simplified approval process proposals in a manner that takes into account their smaller size and minimal or no adverse environmental and/or social risks and/or impacts;
  3. Also requests the Secretariat to include, starting from the 2023 work programme, granular and progressively ambitious key performance indicators for the simplified approval process (including for the post-approval stage) taking into account, among other things, the recommendations provided in the Independent Assessment of the Simplified Approval Process Pilot Scheme (GCF/B.30/07) and the Secretariat’s management response thereto (GCF/B.30/07/Add.01);
  4. Further requests the Secretariat to ensure the continued provision of readiness support for simplified approval process funding proposal preparation and access as part of the current readiness and preparatory support programme and for more comprehensive simplified approval process support to be addressed in the 2023 update to the readiness and preparatory support programme;
  5. Confirms that the scale of simplified approval process projects will be increased to a total GCF contribution of USD 25 million per funding proposal as per paragraph 4(a) of annex IV;
  6. Also confirms that the scope of activities under the simplified approval process projects remains with no to minimal adverse environmental and/or social risks and/or impacts, as per paragraph 4(b) of annex IV;
  7. Further confirms that the simplified approval process strategy will be addressed as part of the Board’s 2022–2023 strategic programming activities;
  8. Agrees to review the update of the simplified approval process policy as part of the overall policy cycle for the next programming period;
  9. Confirms that matters related to a principle for the presumed existence of climate rationale for the review of adaptation funding proposals under the simplified approval process, based on the existence of unequivocal evidence and science from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and local and traditional knowledge will be taken up, and integrated into, the ”Steps to enhance climate rationale” paper to be considered in an upcoming meeting of the Board; and
  10. Requests the Secretariat to continue to identify areas for further simplifications within the GCF processes, to inform the review of the simplified approval process and its implementation as noted in paragraph (h) above.