Information disclosure

GCF seeks to ensure the greatest degree of transparency in all its activities through the effective dissemination of information.

List of IDP requests and responses

Following is a list of information disclosure requests received and the corresponding decisions in accordance with the Information Disclosure Policy. Some information disclosure requests may contain multiple inquiries, which will be granted or denied individually. Whenever a request is partially granted or denied, the relevant exception informing the decision will be provided. Denied requests may be appealed before the Information Appeals Panel (IAP).

2020 Requests
No Subject Date received Date answered Decision
IDP092 Project and programme portfolio data in single file 23 Jun Pending Pending
IDP091 Funding opportunities 21 Jul 24 Jul Granted
IDP090 Research grant 17 Jul 24 Jul Granted
IDP089 FP128: GCF support to Sierra Leone 12 Jul 16 Jul Granted
IDP088 Funding opportunities 13 Jul 13 Jul Granted
IDP087 Funding proposals not approved by the Board 8 Jul 10 Jul Granted
IDP086 Funding opportunities 8 Jul 10 Jul Granted
IDP085 Whether GCF enters into agreements with local communities in developing countries 3 Jul Pending Pending
IDP084 FP058 funding proposal 3 Jul 7 Jul Granted
IDP083 FP038: Meaning of and reason for lapse 1 Jul 10 Jul Granted
IDP082 Funding opportunities in Costa Rica 1 Jul 3 Jul Granted
IDP081 Funding opportunities 1 Jul 3 Jul Granted
IDP080 FP101 cofinancing institutions 26 Jun 30 Jun Granted
IDP079 Funding opportunities in South Africa 24 Jun 26 Jun Granted
IDP078 FP015 (Funafuti) restructuring: use of a feasibility study, status of ESIA completion, and status of procurement 19 Jun 22 Jul Partially granted
IDP077 Funding opportunities 20 Jun 22 Jun Granted
IDP076 Funding opportunities 19 Jun 22 Jun Granted
IDP075 FP110 draft funding proposal first submission 22 Jun Pending Pending
IDP074 Funding opportunities 14 Jun 15 Jun Granted
IDP073 Funding opportunities 13 Jun 15 Jun Granted
IDP072 Foreign exchange risk section of the GCF Risk Dashboard (Q4 2019): Currency, computation of balance and FX commitment risk buffer, currency hedging 1 Jun 29 Jun Granted
IDP071 Information about anticipated B.26 and B.27 Funding Proposals mentioned at B.25 of which proposals may be submitted to the independent Technical Advisory Panel 5 Jun 10 Jul Pending / Partially granted
IDP070 Funding opportunities 29 May 29 May Granted
IDP069 Funding opportunities 27 May 29 May Granted
IDP068 Funding opportunities 27 May 29 May Granted
IDP067 SAP Environmental and Social Action Plan samples 25 May 3 Jul Granted
IDP066 FP069 feasibility report 23 May 2 Jul Granted
IDP065 SAP001 funding proposal 18 May 16 Jun Granted
IDP064 Calculation of grant element in policies for contributions 16 May 30 Jun Granted
IDP063 Standard provisions applicable to contributions to the GCF trust fund 16 May 9 Jun Granted
IDP062 AE or observer accreditation application 16 May 4 Jun Granted
IDP061 SAP project document on food and coastal protection 7 May 14 May Granted
IDP060 Funding opportunities 7 May 7 May Granted
IDP059 Definition of Private Sector Facilty, project and financing; Other documentation 5 May 11 May Granted
IDP058 Country classification (developing and developed) 30 Apr 12 May Granted
IDP057 GCF activities in Africa 3 May 8 May Granted
IDP056 Gender assessment requirement 30 Apr 8 May Granted
IDP055 Board document on the Interim Trustee Arrangements for the GCF 25 Apr 11 May Granted
IDP054 Minutes of Board meetings containing key words 21 Apr 23 Apr Granted
IDP053 Eight results areas, AFOLU projects, and performance management framework 16 Apr 10 Jul Granted
IDP052 SAP013 Funding Proposal 18 Apr 8 May Granted
IDP051 FP036: Gender Action Plan and Gender Assessment report for Micronesia 15 Apr 8 May Granted
IDP050 Funding opportunities 14 Apr 21 Apr Granted
IDP049 Funding opportunities 4 Apr 6 Apr Granted
IDP048 Funding opportunities 1 Apr 1 Apr Granted
IDP047 Internship 30 Mar 2 Apr Granted
IDP046 GCF official language policy 27 Mar 3 Apr Granted
IDP045 FP114 and FP013 gender-related information 26 Mar 2 Apr Granted
IDP044 FP071 project details 26 Mar 4 Jun Partially granted
IDP043 FP102 submitting entity and cooperation 26 Mar 31 Mar Granted
IDP042 FP102 economic model, SAP013 economic model and concept note 23 Mar 10 Jul Denied / Pending
IDP041 FP041 project details 19 Mar 8 Apr Partially granted
IDP040 Funding opportunities 26 Mar 30 Mar Granted
IDP039 Funding opportunities 23 Mar 30 Mar Granted
IDP038 Funding opportunities 21 Mar 30 Mar Granted
IDP037 FP025, FP038, FP086, FP095 and FP099: Allocation of programme funding to countries 18 Mar 28 May Granted
IDP036 Internship programme 18 Mar 1 Apr Granted
IDP035 Financing-related information of various projects 17 Mar 29 May Partially granted
IDP034 FP013 Annual Performance Report 23 Mar 29 May Granted
IDP033 FP066 component 2 design (Ebeye coastal protection works) 14 Mar 19 May Granted
IDP032 Internship programme 12 Mar 1 Apr Granted
IDP031 FP002 procurement budget 9 Mar 27 May Denied
IDP030 Observer accreditation application 6 Mar 16 Mar Granted
IDP029 AE or observer accreditation application 6 Mar 16 Mar Granted
IDP028 Funding opportunities 6 Mar 16 Mar Granted
IDP027 GCF policies and funding opportunities 5 Mar 13 Mar Granted
IDP026 Projects and programmes in Viet Nam 5 Mar 13 Mar Granted
IDP025 FP120 procurement responsibility and process 4 Mar 11 Mar Granted
IDP024 Funding opportunities for green projects in Kenya 4 Mar 5 Mar Granted
IDP023 Funding opportunities for implementing carbon capture technology 8 Feb 10 Feb Granted
IDP022 Projects and programmes in Brazil 10 Feb 10 Feb Granted
2019 Requests
No Subject Date received Date answered Decision
IDP021 Approved funding proposals in Grenada and disbursement 5 Dec 5 Dec Granted
IDP020 Pledges and contributions to GCF 9 Aug 20 Aug Granted
IDP019 Annual Performance Reports (APRs) 16 Jul Pending Pending
IDP018 Basic project and programme portfolio data in table format 28 May 22 Jul Granted
IDP017 Video recording of B.06 - B.12 proceedings 6 Mar 17 Apr Partially granted / Pending
IDP016 Accreditation Master Agreement with WWF 27 Feb 4 Mar Granted
IDP015 FP102, FP103, FP105 and SAP005: French version of funding proposal, and if none, stakeholder engagement plan 13 Feb 26 Feb Partially granted
2018 Requests
No Subject Date received Date answered Decision
IDP014 FP083 and FP085: Timeliness of disclosure of environmental and social safeguards reports 24 Sep 8 Oct Response / Appealed
IDP013 FP070: Request for supporting documents 18 Oct 6 Dec Partially granted
IDP012 FP053: Financing start and end date and the activities 14 Oct 3 Dec Granted
IDP011 FP004, FP005, FP009, FP051, FP065, FP071: guidance for preparing successful funding proposals and spreadsheet containing IRR/EIRR calculations 11 Sep 31 Oct Partially granted
IDP010 Expression of interest of the Republic of Korea to host GCF headquarters 20 Jul 30 Aug Granted
IDP009 FP001-081 and SAP001: Map of the location of the projects and programmes 16 May 8 Oct Partially granted
IDP008 Observer accreditation applications and Secretariat review 9 Apr 25 May Denied
IDP007 Paris Agreement annual funding 27 Jan 12 Mar Granted
IDP006 FP004: Board meeting documents and environmental reports 5 Jan 14 Feb Granted
2017 Requests
No Subject Date received Date answered Decision
IDP005 FP004: Feasibility study and other technical information regarding the project design 13 Dec 16 Jan 2018 Partially granted
IDP004 Adaptation-related statistics 12 Nov 12 Dec Partially granted
IDP003 FP004: Information pertaining to the lack of progress on disbursements 12 Oct 21 Nov Partially granted
IDP002 Minutes of Board meetings from August 2012 to date where debates regarding "defining adaptation," "criteria of selection of adaptation finance projects," "transparency and accountability in allocation" and "disbursement of adaptation finance" are referred to 19 Jul 24 Jul Granted
IDP001 Documents related to funding proposals 18 May 30 Jun Partially granted