Information disclosure

GCF seeks to ensure the greatest degree of transparency in all its activities through the effective dissemination of information.


Information disclosure requests that have been denied may be appealed. An Information Appeals Panel (IAP) was established by the Board to consider appeals from requesters.

The IAP is composed of the three heads of the independent Accountability Units: Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU), Independent Integrity Unit (IIU), and Independent Redress Mechanism (IRM). From 4 June 2022 until 3 June 2023, Andreas Reumann, Head (a.i.) of the IEU assumed office as the Chair.


Information appeal guidelines

16 Oct 2019

The following procedural guidelines applicable to the handling of information appeals was agreed to by the Information Appeals Panel (IAP) of the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Submitting an information disclosure appeal

An appeal to the IAP should be filed within 60 calendar days of notification of the denial of information.

All appeals should be set out in a brief letter and contain a description of the information originally requested, as well as an explanatory statement that sets out the facts and the grounds that support the requester’s claim (i) that the GCF violated the IDP or (ii) that the public interest override applies.

Appeals must be submitted in writing through mail or e-mail and sent to the IAP:

Green Climate Fund Information Appeals Panel
175, Art Center-daero, Yeonsu-gu,
Incheon 22004, Republic of Korea

Action from the Information Appeals Panel

The IAP may recommend to the following to uphold or reverse prior decisions to deny access to information:

  • Board with respect to Board documents;
  • head of the Accountability Unit with respect to documents relating to such unit; or
  • Executive Director of the Secretariat with respect to all other documents.

In case there is a recommendation to disclose information, it will require the approval of the Ethics and Audit Committee (EAC) of the GCF Board, the head of the Accountability Unit, or the Executive Director, depending on the type of information relevant to the request. These decisions will be final.

The IAP shall notify the requester of the decision in writing as soon as a decision is made, and no later than 30 working days after receiving the appeal, unless additional time is required due to its scope or complexity. In case of a decision by the EAC, the IAP shall notify the requester upon the EAC’s decision.

No Subject Appeal date Decision date Decision
C003 Information related to Compliance Review Report for IRM Case C-0006-Nicaragua 31 Jan 2023 13 Mar 2023 Appeal decision
Disclosure request
C002 Information about anticipated B.26 and B.27 Funding Proposals mentioned at B.25 of which proposals may be submitted to the independent Technical Advisory Panel 14 Aug 2020 22 Sep 2020 Executive Director’s final decision
Appeal decision
Disclosure request
C001 FP083 and FP085: Timeliness of disclosure of environmental and social safeguards reports 13 Oct 2018 28 Nov 2018 Appeal decision
Disclosure request