Country readiness

GCF's Readiness Programme provides resources for countries to efficiently engage with GCF

Readiness resources

The following documents, templates and multimedia resources provide in-depth information and guidance to accessing and implementing readiness support.

Approved readiness proposals are published according to GCF's Information Disclosure Policy (IDP). National Designated Authorities (NDAs) and/or Focal Points (FPs) may view these proposals for informational and inspiration purposes in designing new readiness proposals.

Guidelines and templates

The GCF Secretariat has developed a guidebook and templates for readiness proposal submission and progress monitoring of approved grants. Grant recipients are required to use these templates in submitting proposals and reporting to the GCF.

As per the Board decision (B.29/01), the Secretariat developed a guidance note and templates for a new funding window dedicated to Direct Access Entities (DAEs) for their implementation of GCF’s integrated results management framework (IRMF). Accredited DAEs are encouraged to refer to the guidance note and use these templates in submitting proposals to access this new funding.

Readiness and Preparatory Support guidebook: A practical guide on how to prepare readiness proposals for the Green Climate Fund

27 Mar 2020

GCF provides capacity building and technical assistance support to developing countries to enhance access to climate finance through the Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme. The Readiness Programme is mandated by the Governing Instrument of GCF to provide resources for strengthening institutional capacities, governance mechanisms, and planning and programming frameworks to identify and implement a transformational long-term climate action agenda for developing countries.

Other resources

The following resources are developed by the Secretariat on specific operational and substantive topics under the Readiness Programme to assist NDAs and Delivery Partners in their development and implementation of effective readiness grants.


Webinar on the updated Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme

16 Apr 2020

As a result of the Board decision on the revised Readiness and Preparatory Programme (RPSP) strategy for 2019-2021, the RPSP guidebook is expanded with additional information and guidance to address the substantive and operational changes authorized by the Board. This webinar presented the new proposal templates and updated RPSP guidebook.

Video tutorial on re-submitting readiness proposals via the Fluxx system

14 Apr 2021

Video tutorial on submitting readiness proposals via the Fluxx system

14 Apr 2021

Readiness documents