Country readiness

GCF's Readiness Programme provides financial resources to help NDAs and Direct Access Entities efficiently engage with GCF.

Readiness delivery partners

Where the readiness support will not be administered by the NDA or focal point, then it can be administered by a Delivery Partner.

Delivery partners are the institutions selected by the National Designated Authority (NDA) or focal point to implement activities approved under the Readiness programme. Delivery partners provide services such as: development of readiness request proposals; implementation and supervision; fiduciary management; progress reporting; and project completion and evaluation.

Readiness support delivery partners may be organisations that have signed a Readiness Framework Agreement. They may also be GCF Accredited Entities, but this is not necessary. If delivery partners are not Accredited Entities, then they should complete a Financial Management Capacity Assessment (FMCA) questionnaire.