Country readiness

GCF's Readiness Programme provides resources for countries to efficiently engage with GCF

Readiness delivery partners

Delivery partners are institutions that may be nominated by the National Designated Authorities (NDAs) or Focal Point (FPs) to implement activities approved under the Readiness Programme. Delivery partners can be the NDAs themselves, a GCF Accredited Entity, or another organisation capable of implementing technical assistance and capacity development grants.

If the nominated delivery partner is not a GCF Accredited Entity, they must complete the Financial Management Capacity Assessment (FMCA) questionnaire and submit supporting documentation to GCF for review. This due diligence process ensures that prospective delivery partners possess the required legal, fiduciary, and project management capacities to effectively implement readiness grants. For more information on the FMCA, please see the Readiness Guidebook and the FMCA template.

GCF Readiness Programme applications: working with trusted partners

GCF has recently written to its network of National Designated Authorities (NDA) following approaches made to NDAs by unauthorized third parties in relation to Readiness applications. The letter can be found here.