RFP 2020/014: Provision of Expert Services Editing and Language Review of GCF Sectoral Guidelines

The Green Climate Fund (GCF, or the Fund) provides financial support to developing countries to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to the impacts of climate change, with the goal of promoting paradigm shift towards low emissions and climate resilient sustainable development and making a significant and ambitious contribution to global goals on climate change.

As a central actor in the climate finance landscape, and operating entity of the financial mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the GCF strives to be country-driven and put climate impact and action at the center of its operations.  The GCF’s strategic vision highlights the need for high-quality, ambitious funding proposals to scale up action and drive the necessary paradigm shift, as well as work to build developing countries’ institutional capacity and readiness to engage with the Fund and pursue national climate strategies and plans.

As a rapidly growing and learning institution with a Secretariat of almost 250 staff, the GCF seeks to tap into global best expertise on climate change and climate finance, to supplement and enhance capacities of its internal experts, to lead the sector, and strengthen its ability to deliver ambitious results.  The GCF Board, in decision B.17/08, requested the Secretariat to undertake additional analysis, taking into consideration the potential investment priority areas presented in document GCF/B.09/06, to identify specific results areas where targeted GCF investment would have the most impact.

Thus, GCF is developing Sectoral Guideline documents across the range of sectors in which it operates. GCF has already tendered for services to support the development of specific Sectoral Guideline documents.


In order to ensure high standards of quality and consistency across the Sectoral Guidelines produced by GCF contractors and the GCF Sector Specialists, GCF is now seeking to select a firm to provide editing and language review of all of the draft Sectoral Guideline documents.

Publication date 19 June 2020
24 July 2020
Procurement type
Request for proposal
Reference # RFP 2020/014
Status Closed