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In deploying its resources, the Green Climate Fund will work through a wide range of institutions to finance projects and programmes. To access funding, these institutions will go through a process of “accreditation,” designed to assess whether they are capable of strong financial management and of safeguarding funded projects and programmes against any unforeseen environmental or social harm.


During the accreditation process, an applicant entity's policies and procedures, track record, and demonstrated capacity to undertake projects or programmes of different financial instruments and environmental and social risk categories are assessed against the standards of the Green Climate Fund. The result of the accreditation process will specify the project or programme activity size; fiduciary functions, which will shape how it operates using the Fund’s resources (grants, loans, equity, and guarantees); and the highest category of environmental and social risk of its intended projects.

An entity seeking accreditation will need to submit a completed application through GCF Accreditation, consistent with the fit-for-purpose accreditation approach at the Green Climate Fund. This approach recognises the role of a wide range of entities, which differ in the scope and nature of their activities, as well as their capacities in advancing the objectives of the Fund. The accreditation approach accommodates this diversity by matching the nature, scale, and risk of intended activities to the application of fiduciary standards, environmental and social safeguards, and gender policy.

Subnational, national, and regional entities, public and private, applying for accreditation will need to submit a nomination letter from a National Designated Authority or Focal Point as a part of their application for accreditation. A template for this nomination letter is available.

Applications for accreditation are received by GCF on a rolling basis. There is no deadline for submitting accreditation applications.

Entities that are not accredited by the Fund may still submit funding proposals through an Accredited Entity to obtain resources for climate change projects and programmes.

Key documents of the GCF Accreditation Process are available here:

For further details about how to get accredited, please liaise directly with a GCF accreditation specialist. LOGIN TO GCF ACCREDITATION


The accreditation process is also designed to assess whether applicant entities have the ability to manage GCF's resources in line with the Fund's fiduciary standards for the scale and type of funding sought, as well as the ability to manage environmental and social risks that may arise at the project level. Entities seeking accreditation to access GCF resources will also be assessed against the Fund’s Gender Policy.

Accredited Entities (AEs) carry out a range of activities that may include developing and submitting funding proposals for, and overseeing the management and implementation of, projects and programmes; deploying a range of financial instruments within their respective capacities (grants, loans, equity, and guarantees); and mobilising private sector capital.

The GCF Accreditation Policies and Standards are listed below:

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